who have helped OLO break the record
for most preordered 3D printers in Kickstarter history

The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer

OLO reinvented how a 3D printer works.



Media reaction

  • “Transform your smartphone into a 3D printer with OLO. Seriously”

    — 3D Printing Industry —
  • “Turn your smartphone into a 3D printer with this Genius $99 box”

    — Digital Trends —
  • “OLO can bridge the gap between experienced and new users”

    — —
  • “Out of reach at this price point for any other system”

    — Consumer Electronics —
  • “Will OLO soon make other pricey machines obsolete?”

    — —
  • “Don’t believe it could be so simple?”

    — ee Design it —
  • “The low cost, easy to use and portable 3D printer”

    — Tech Add —
  • “OLO team has a solid track record over the past 15 years working on over 1200 projects”

    — 3D Printing Industry —
  • “Our beloved smartphone are on the verge of being able to create”

    — —
  • “The magic box creating any 3D printed object you want”

    — —
  • “OLO: the first 3D smartphone-based 3D printer unveiled”

    — Electronic Design —
  • “Here’s the genius of OLO: the resin is cured by the smartphone’s light”

    — Engineering TV —
  • “The compact little game-changing piece of technology”

    — 3DPrint Board —
  • “3D printing: there’s an app for that!”

    — Rapid Ready —
  • “The 3D print for everyone is called OLO”

    — 3D Printing Creative —


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